Cryo-S electric PAIN LESS is devoted for specialists in pain management – Neurosurgeons, Spine Surgeons, Orthopedists, Anesthesiologists.
Cryoneurolysis is a therapeutic method basing on temporary disruption of neural and motor functions of some parts of the nerve system using extreme cold. Cryolesion is gaining acceptance as an innovative method in pain relief. It uses the process of analgesia, during which the ice crystals created by the cryosurgery device destroys the elements of the nerve tissue carrying pain information. Cryoablation does not damage nerve structures permanently that is why nerve tissues can regenerate slowly with no risk of post-procedural neuritis. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive, recommended especially when conservative means proved to be ineffective.

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Titania Product
Titania Product
Titania Product
Titania Product
    NEW !!!! Cryo-S Electric PAIN LESS

    NEW Cryo-S series devices are powered by medical nitrous oxide (N₂O) (-89°C). It is the anaesthesiological gas, very efficient and easy in exploitation. A 10 liter cylinder of N₂O serves for 4 hours of continuous work. Due to special qualities of the gas it can be stored safely in cylinders made of steel and without losses, which is one of the greatest drawbacks of liquid nitrogen devices. The apparatus can also work on carbon dioxide (CO₂).

    State-of-the-art cryosurgical device manufactured by Metrum CryoFlex is the next generation of apparatus used by many experts in the field since 1992. Cryo-S Electric PAIN LESS is controlled by microprocessor, and all parameters are displayed on LCD screen.

  • Mode selection, cleaning the probe and freezing can be performed automatically so that the site of a lesion remains sterile.
  • Electronic comunication (chip system) between the unit and connected cryoprobe. Unit recognizes optimal operating parameters and auto-configures to probe characteristics.
  • Presure and gas flow are set automatically; manual adjustment is not necessary
  • Contains automatic probe cleaning system and two freezing modes (continuous and discontinuous)
  • Temperature of the probe, pressure, gas flow, time of the procedure are displayed during freezing.
  • lower/upper extremity neuromas
  • nerve entrapments
  • painful shoulder syndrome
  • tennis elbow syndrome
  • golf elbow syndrome
  • heel pain
  • postoperative neuralgia
  • meralgia paresthetica
  • facet joint syndrome
  • sacroiliac pain
  • coccydynia

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